Friday, September 26, 2008

Sell your Bulgarian Property

Have you been looking to sell your Bulgarian property? Well then we have some good news for you. What? I hear you cry, more good news, this can't possibly be. But yes, it is true, there is some good news in the world and is here to bring it to you.

While Bulgaria is currently seen as a depressed market for Irish and UK investors, this is not the case overall and the market, especially Sofia and the other main cities, have all seen good strong gains this year.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Sofia has seen gains in excess of 20% this current year and, for those people who purchased apartments in Sofia, it is becoming decision time as to sell or hold on to the apartments.

Buyinbulgaria, a long established Irish company with an office in Sofia, is very interested in hearing from Irish people wishing to sell their apartments in Sofia. There is a ready market in good areas and apartments can sell in as quickly as a month.

If you've got an unfinished unit, the team at Buyinbulgaria also have a 'finishing' service.

Get all the good news here.

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